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Brad Fugere Media LLC is a professional cinematography and videography company in Little Rock, Arkansas.  We specialize in creating memorable cinematic wedding films for brides across Arkansas, as well as creating an alternative approach to internet video marketing for businesses in Arkansas and it's surrounding states.  We pride ourselves in our unique approach to telling stories through our creative wedding cinematography.  If you are looking for wedding videography in Little Rock, Arkansas or it's surrounding areas, contact us today for a free consultation!

Watch our Wedding Films

Check out a few of our wedding videos!  We offer several different styles of videography, but our favorite is our cinematic style.  We film your wedding day with your story in mind, getting the best shots of your day combined with all the exciting audio (vows, toasts, pre-ceremony nervousness, etc.!) is what we do best!

The Perfect Way To Capture Your Wedding Day!

You will spend months planning your perfect wedding, making sure you have the perfect venue, the perfect chairs and tablecloths, the perfect cake...  not one special detail will be left out.  When you and your new spouse leave the reception, how will your remember such an important, detailed, fast-paced, expensive day?  We are professional wedding videographers who will capture your wedding day in a beautiful, timeless, cinematic film that will flawlessly tell the story of your special day.

 If you are looking for wedding videographers in Little Rock, Arkansas or it's surrounding areas:

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Although this website is mainly for showcasing our wedding videography, we work with companies year-round to create commercial video marketing solutions that satisfy your advertisement needs. You've worked hard to create a unique business that brings a special product or service to the table.  We will work hard to create a unique commercial film that brings your special product or service to your targeted audience.  Whether you want to put an introductory video on your website or you want to create an ad that will capture the attention of your audience, we can create the video for you!  Please contact us through our online form and we will get back with you very quickly.  Contact us today for a free consultation!