Wedding Videography FAQs

How are you different from other wedding videographers?

Our passion is authenticity.  We create a film of your wedding day that will focus on your authentic story of becoming a husband and wife.  We also focus on quality and not quantity.  Our belief is that a 5-minute wedding film packed with engaging, story-like content that is truly cinematic will be much more enjoyable to watch over and over again than a 30-minute wedding video with clips arranged in a chronological order.

How do you film my wedding day?

Every wedding is unique and therefore we approach every wedding film differently.  We film every wedding with the goal of capturing the bride and groom’s special day accurately and authentically without interfering or being in the way. 

Why don’t you offer wedding packages? 

Why should we restrict you to a few packages when you can just choose exactly what you want?  That’s why we offer an Á La Carte system that allows you to pick exactly what you want!  If you want to know more, send me an email or fill out our online wedding videography form.

What additional services do you offer?

Full Ceremony Video, Full Reception Highlights, Raw Footage, Rehearsal Dinner Coverage, Love Story, Same Day Edit, 4K Upgrade, Slow Motion Booth.

How long does it take you to deliver the finished film(s)? 

We strive to deliver wedding films within 2 months because we want to get it back to you while everything is still fresh.  However, sometimes it takes us a little longer, depending on how busy we are at the time.  Our number 1 priority will always be to create the very best wedding film for you, regardless of how long that may take!  But like I said, we aim for 2 months.

How will you delivery my wedding film to me?

We’ve got several forms of delivery… DVD, BluRay, Flash Drive, and Digital.  You can choose how you want your film delivered!

Do you travel for weddings?  Do you film destination weddings?

We love to travel!  If you are planning a destination wedding, let us know more about it and we can make plans to be there for the big day!

How many cameras do you use to film a wedding?

As many as necessary, and sometimes even more!  However, we never get in the way or become distractions… after all, it is your day!

How much input do we have on the final film?

I always love to get certain ideas from the bride and groom because it helps me understand what type of people they are (which helps me make a better film for them).  However, the way I see it is, you paid us to film your wedding, so why would you want to do any of the work?  Most of the time, but not all of the time, brides and grooms do not understand all that goes into videography and cinematography (ie. music licensing) because it is not something they deal with on a daily basis like we do.  This is why, although we do listen to the couple’s ideas, we always have the final say in the wedding film. 

How do I book your services?

Fill out our online contact form – I will get in touch with you to setup a consultation and we can go from there!

Why do you require a nonrefundable deposit?

The nonrefundable deposit secures your wedding date with us, ensuring that we are able to film your wedding.  It also pays for the time it takes to write up the paperwork when you book. 

Can you explain your payment system?

The deposit of 25% is due at the time of booking and the other 75% is due two weeks before your wedding.  If you wish to pay it all up front, pay it in installments, or pay it on the day it is due, that is completely up to you!  We accept checks and PayPal.  However, please note that if you wish to pay with PayPal, a 3% fee will be added to the payment (this applies to each payment made by PayPal and not to the bill as a whole or any payments made by check; i.e. if you pay your deposit by PayPal and the rest by check, only the deposit will receive a 3% charge). 

Do you bring your own lights to the wedding?

We bring them but we only use them when the reception gets too dark for us to capture quality film.  If we do use our lights, we know where to place them so they will not be in anybody’s way or in anybody’s eyes.  If using our own lights will still be an issue, please let me know and I will be happy to work with you to make the reception area “film-friendly” while still looking beautiful! 

What type of filmmaking do you do?

We film events, weddings, commercials, short promotional films, short films, and documentary-style short films.  Our passion is to create authentic, engaging, visually appealing films that tell a story; this is the type of project you will find us slaving over as often as we can!